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Having studied his whole life to become a cleric of the Divine, it is an honor, although a surprise, when Dallet is tasked with transporting a Codex of Light from his small town of Zelf, across the Bereaved Desert to the capital city of Brass Gates. The journey will prove to be treacherous, and Dallet’s oath to protect the Codex of Light, even unto death, will prove to be a challenge that tests all of the values Dallet has ever held to be sacred.

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It's an average Tuesday night in Dallas when Joshua Mills learns that his estranged father is in deep trouble for a theft committed years ago. When an other-worldly bounty hunter comes to exact vengeance for the stolen item, Joshua is caught in the crossfire and put on trial for murder. Though ultimately able to beat the murder charge, Joshua's life is left in tatters after the attack, and more than one special enforcement group is interested in Joshua. Creatures from across the seven realms are after Joshua and information about the strange engine stolen by his father decades earlier. Joshua will need to decide whether to help protect Earth from the forces that would enter through inter-dimensional gates from the other realms, or to live a life devoid of memories of his family and home in order to remain safe.

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Read about the  dragons Gorliad, Leatherback, and Hiasyntar Kulai.

Tales From the Nowhere and Neverwhen by J.M. Hauser

In this faery world of wonder and magic, journey along with Wisp, a newly born faery with an attitude who is searching for her identity and her purpose. The inspiring language of author JM Hauser and the beautiful art of Kevin Nichols are sure to bring some magic into your life!

The Netherworld Gate Trilogy Pack

A book bundle that will introduce you to some of the dragons of the World of Terramyr

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The Kingdom of Denall Trilogy Pack

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