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Having studied his whole life to become a cleric of the Divine, it is an honor, although a surprise, when Dallet is tasked with transporting a Codex of Light from his small town of Zelf, across the Bereaved Desert to the capital city of Brass Gates. The journey will prove to be treacherous, and Dallet’s oath to protect the Codex of Light, even unto death, will prove to be a challenge that tests all of the values Dallet has ever held to be sacred.

Available Now!

Now Available!

Haunted by the ghosts of war, Erik Lokton has spent years traveling
alone in the Southlands, hunting for answers to the nature of his
identity as a Sahale, a dragon kin. Visited by visions of a fiery wrath
that is one day to be brought upon the world, Erik also seeks to unravel
the mystery of the Four Horsemen, enforcers of a mysterious Cosmic
Counsel which is, by all accounts, unstoppable. When a series of murders
in the Middle Kingdom call him home to help avert hostilities between
dragon kind and the races of men, Erik is reunited with a beautiful
woman from his past, the elven ranger Lady Arkyn. Together they must
race to uncover the identity of the murderer. Erik will be faced with
questions about his heritage and his past, and will find some unexpected

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Read about the  dragons Gorliad, Leatherback, and Hiasyntar Kulai.

The Netherworld Gate Trilogy Pack

Best Fantasy Publisher

The Kingdom of Denall Trilogy Pack

A book bundle that will introduce you to some of the dragons of the World of Terramyr

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