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Guilhem, ninth duke of the Aquitaine, has been unwillingly designated friend by grateful, if not mistaken, fairy noble. Now, no matter where he goes, the fair folk of our world are attracted to his side. When a blood thristy ifrit follows him home from the crusades, Guilhem will need the  help of the local hedge witch to locate the Bohemian Magician who knows the secret to binding such a creature.

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Orcs are not known for their benevolence. They are vicious, keen
warriors that have little love for anything but the glint of their
blades as they spill the crimson blood of their foes upon the ground. So
when Mal, a mighty orc warrior, shows pity upon elves who have been
taken prisoner during battle, his commanding officer offers mercy the
only way an orc would. If Mal accepts a blood curse, then the prisoners
may go free.
The commander had no idea that Mal would accept the
terms. Mal sets the prisoners loose, and a chain of events is set in
motion that will put the vital question of blood on everyone's lips.

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Read about the  dragons Gorliad, Leatherback, and Hiasyntar Kulai.

The Netherworld Gate Trilogy Pack

Tales From the Nowhere and Neverwhen by J.M. Hauser

In this faery world of wonder and magic, journey along with Wisp, a newly born faery with an attitude who is searching for her identity and her purpose. The inspiring language of author JM Hauser and the beautiful art of Kevin Nichols are sure to bring some magic into your life!

A book bundle that will introduce you to some of the dragons of the World of Terramyr

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The Kingdom of Denall Trilogy Pack

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