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Guilhem, ninth duke of the Aquitaine, has been unwillingly designated friend by grateful, if not mistaken, fairy noble. Now, no matter where he goes, the fair folk of our world are attracted to his side. When a blood thristy ifrit follows him home from the crusades, Guilhem will need the  help of the local hedge witch to locate the Bohemian Magician who knows the secret to binding such a creature.

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Smiles and laughs await on this irreverent adventure as Simplin the Wise gathers a motley crew to support a farm boy in their quest to destroy the most dastardly villain ever!

          Palace intrigue and the living embodiment of a childhood ghost story await Dihya when she enters the Irrean mountain on her first diplomatic mission.
          Sixteen years old and the daughter of the ruler of the Red Plains, Dihya has been reluctantly recruited for this delegation of representatives from the three newly united Plains of Tama. Though she had expected a boring, mostly ceremonial visit, Dihya finds herself thrown in the middle of an Irrean religious awakening and political upheaval. A new Flame has arisen to lead Irre, and hand-in-hand with a new Flame comes a new Wolf; the mysterious, animal-like protector of the one who has been Favored by the Irrean god. Now, other things are emerging from the shadows deep inside the mountain – other things which have been relegated to dark stories whispered around hearth fires. The gifts of the Favored will be vitally necessary to keep the darkness at bay.

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Escape from Earth and cross into the magical world of Esparia!

Come on an epic adventure as Dallet tempts the power of the divine.

Tales From the Nowhere and Neverwhen by J.M. Hauser

In this faery world of wonder and magic, journey along with Wisp, a newly born faery with an attitude who is searching for her identity and her purpose. The inspiring language of author JM Hauser and the beautiful art of Kevin Nichols are sure to bring some magic into your life!

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In a whirlwind adventure Jessica never anticipated -- she must learn what it means to be a protector, or she might lose both worlds!

In a world ruled by dragons, vengeance is best served hell-fire hot!

Will Erik save the dragons, or be the means of their destruction?

The Kingdom of Denall Trilogy Pack

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